Shake It Up!

Deployed during Seton Hall Big East Mens Basketball games at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, Shake It Up! saw post-game sponsor click-through rates of over 30%.

Recently I was CMO for the startup ESC Games whose gaming platform instantly transforms smartphones into game controllers and jumbotrons into fields of play for thousands of simultaneous participants.

While there, I also had the opportunity to create and manage the development of a stadium experience called 'Shake It Up!'. I led a team of Unity and React developers in producing this game that features modular branding and sponsorship components making it cost-effective to quickly customize for any team, advertiser, venue or event.

The HTML5 controller requires no app download and utilizes the smartphone accelerometer to measure the aggregated velocity of each opposing side in this virtual tug-of-war. The game action was designed to be very simple and highly contagious with players remaining 'heads-up' and looking up at the jumbotron and around at their friends rather than down at their phones during gameplay.