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Sites & apps built with PHP, Javascript and CSS.

Latest Posts

Supernifty Image Management

An alpha version of a Javascript image upload component for a content management system I'm building.

Laravel 6 Image Uploads to DigitalOcean Spaces

Cost effective drag and drop image upload functionality for your Laravel application.

Shake It Up!

I created a game you can play with a smartphone on jumbotrons that premiered at a Seton Hall NCAA Men's Basketball Game at The Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

College City

I'm currently building out a web service to help high school students navigate their way through the college applications process and research their target colleges and universities.

SVG Sprite Sheet Quick Start

I use this code constantly so I figured I'd pop a copy here to make it easy to find.


My name's Ed.

I've worked for entertainment, education and financial services clients including Capitol Records, Disney, JP Morgan Chase, Ritz-Carlton, United Airlines and Verizon.

I co-founded a marketing firm that's now part of Capgemini.

I've delivered hundreds of successful projects in a wide variety of roles including creative director, product owner, project manager, game designer and full-stack developer.

I build sites and apps with PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, SASS/CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, AWS/DigitalOcean, Apache/NGINX, Github, Figma and Adobe Creative Suite.

You can reach me at