WordPress • Laravel • Custom PHP


My name’s Ed and I’ve been building websites for over 20 years both as a creative director and as a developer.

I co-founded a marketing firm that we grew to about 90 people with offices in New York, LA and Wilmington, DE with clients including JP Morgan Chase and The Lincoln Financial Group. It’s part of Capgemini now.

As a creative director, I’ve run teams of designers, copywriters and front-end developers building websites, email and banner campaigns for brands including, Disney and American Airlines. 

As a product owner, I’ve run teams of developers for Verizon Cloud and created a massively multiplayer game played on stadium jumbotrons where players used their smartphones as controllers. 

As a developer, I’ve built websites and web applications for small businesses, startups, media companies and The U.S. Army.

Tools I Use


Information architecture, layouts, design and illustration.

Affinity Designer & Photo

Awesome alternatives to Illustrator and Photoshop.

Adobe Creative Suite

Because everyone uses it.


Far and away the best IDE I've ever used.


Since 2003.


I manage my codebases with GitHub and deploy to production via webhooks.


I've written many calculators, color pickers, drag and drop interface builders, etc. with vanilla Javascript.

Twitter Bootstrap

Since 2016 for rapid prototyping.

Digital Ocean

I've largely moved my servers away from AWS and over to Digital Ocean.


I started building with Laravel in 2016.

Laravel Forge

I use Laravel's Forge service to create and manage my Digital Ocean servers.


I started with SASS in 2016 but now I'm moving toward PostCSS.


I picked WordPress up again about a year ago since so many clients had been asking for it.


I've built out a few sites now with Elementor and I much prefer it over Divi.


From the command line since about 2003. I love Laravel's migration processes to manage version control.


I'll use it with WordPress or inherited codebases, but generally prefer vanilla JS.

Brands I've Worked On


Websites, landing pages and email campaigns.

Ritz Carlton

Websites, landing pages and email campaigns.

U.S. Army

Websites, landing pages and email campaigns.

United Airlines

Websites, landing pages and email campaigns.


Websites, landing pages and email campaigns.

Lincoln Financial Group

Websites, landing pages and email campaigns.


Websites, landing pages and email campaigns.

Capitol Records

Custom PHP app.

Websites, landing pages and email campaigns.


Product owner on Verizon Cloud running Android and iOS development teams.

Warner Bros. Records

Custom PHP app.

Southwest Airlines

Websites, landing pages and email campaigns.

So Where's The Work?

I develop strong relationships with my clients and I’m generally not comfortable sharing the work I do for them here publicly on this website. That said, I’m always happy to hop on Zoom / Slack / Meet / Teams / Skype and walk through some of my own private GitHub repositories and discuss the things I’ve been doing lately.