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Website & Web Application Project/Program Management


co-founder, creative director


Two friends and I started up this digital marketing firm in 2004 which today boasts an incredible team of hyper-talented, creative technologists.

I led creative, front-end development and project management teams in the creation of marketing campaigns, websites and web applications for brands including AARP,, Amtrak, BP, Disney, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt, IHG, JPMorgan Chase, Lincoln Financial Group, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Sears, Southwest Airlines, Subaru, Tropicana Las Vegas and United Airlines.


founder, developer


This is a PHP-based web application I've been developing over the past few months.

Targeted at design and advertising firms with constrained technical resources, Snfty is a content management and hosting service that streamlines the production and deployment of handcrafted landing pages and microsites.

Snfty forgoes the overhead of Wordpress and the constraints of Squarespace by allowing you to use your own custom HTML, CSS and Javascript code.

It's a work in progress, but the demo video provides a pretty good overview of the functionality.


designer, developer


This tech support company needed a pre-launch site developed in time for CES 2014.

Users struggling with technical support issues are likely already frustrated and possibly angry. The Nerds site is focused on three prominent 'exit signs' from their situation: Call, chat with or email a nerd.

I created the nerd character/branding and developed the pre-launch website with Twitter Bootstrap.


creative director, illustrator

This startup developed software that responded to users questions via AOL Instant Messenger (eg: Where can I find pizza near me?).

Chatting with a computer program via instant messenger was still a new concept, so I personified the software as a friendly little robot assistant ready to answer your every question.

ActiveBuddy (later known as Colloquis which was sold to Microsoft) went on to launch SmarterChild to over 8M users on AOL Instant Messenger.

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